My Friends Suggested My New Apartment

I wanted to look at the one bedroom apartments at CityPark View South because I had just heard so many good things about it from people who live there. I have four different friends who live there, yet I had never been to any of their apartments since we usually just meet up somewhere in the city. When they all heard I was looking for a new place to live, they stressed hard on how much I would enjoy living there with them at CityPark View South. Since I knew my friends would not steer me wrong, I went to the website to look at the apartments there.

I was impressed even before I looked at the entire website.

A Life Plan That Includes an Apartment and a New Job

I have always had a solid plan about my life, even from a young age. I have no idea about the variables, like when I will get married or have children, but there were other things that I absolutely could have a timeline for. I knew that I wanted to major in psychology and hopefully become a guidance counselor in a high school. I also knew that I needed a master’s degree to make this happen quickly. I lived with my parents through my schooling, then I began to look at luxury apartments in Decatur GA once I was hired on at a school district nearly 400 miles away.

I was not worried about leaving home and my family, because we would still see each other a lot. I just felt drawn to this particular school district after reading as much information as I could on it.

News Home Loans expands into Texas

Recent reports from the Texas Association of Realtors and Fitch Ratings call out how hot Texas real estate right now, as more homes were sold last year than ever before in Texas.

Fitch’s report notes that Dallas housing is so hot right now that it’s bordering on overheating.

Embrace Home Loans, a mortgage lender that currently has more than 80 offices and is licensed in 46 states plus Washington, D.C., said that its first Texas office will be located in Frisco, a northern suburb of Dallas.

The office will serve Dallas, Ft. Worth, and all the surrounding suburbs, the company said.

“For more than 30 years, Embrace Home Loans has been a trusted mortgage provider throughout the east coast. Because of their solid reputation, they are ideal for the Texas market,” said Billy Holloway, branch manager for Embrace Home Loans’ Frisco office.

“As the demand for home financing strengthens, we’re ready to support the lending needs of

Cost To Buy a home in these top 10 cities

It’s not hard to find headlines of home prices reaching new heights in metros across the country – we have many of our own seen here, here and here, to name a few.

And even rising mortgage rates isn’t enough to slow down home prices, the Federal Housing Finance Agency showed in its fourth quarter 2016 House Price Index report.

However, keep in mind that the income required in each city is based on putting a 20% down payment, however many banks offer 3% down options for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages.

SmartAsset also assumed a 4% interest rate for 80% of the home value, the balance after the down payment, an annual home value increase of 2%, annual inflation of 2% and that buyers will have annual homeowners insurance of 0.5%.

Here are the income levels potential

Game-changing a real estate technology

Just weeks after bringing their technology to Realtors in Michigan, Remine announced its partnership with the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems to bring the game-changing technology to Dallas.

Remine will now be available to more than 30,000 Multiple-Listing Service subscribers in the Dallas area.

“Remine complements our existing MLS systems by adding a beautiful visualization of all our data,” NTREIS CEO John Holley said. “An incredible feature is their ability to reconnect with past clients, and see their propensity to sell. And then even if you’ve lost their contact info, Remine can update it.”

Realtors can search a property and see the location on a map, instead of in a list format. Remine also allows for other functions such as seeing the previous sales price, if the owner lives in the property and how long the homeowner owned a home, and therefore how much equity they could have built up.

Realtors can also see the RPI score, or the score that rates how likely the homeowner is to sell their home, Remine explained to HousingWire. The

A Great Apartment for Myself

I needed an apartment available for when I moved to California. I knew that it would take me at least two months to settle up everything back in New York, so I looked at apartments for rent in Colton CA where I would be able to get one that far away. I know that some apartments are not even advertised because of waiting lists, so I wanted to get my plans in motion as soon as possible. I looked at apartments that have availability starting in two months from my search, and that is how I found The District.

To be quite honest, I am not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely not something as nice as what I found.

A Nice Rental Property is Waiting

If you are searching for a historical rental property, check out Office Space Saint John. This is a very beautiful area with plenty of options for those who are looking for an apartment where they can settle down and enjoy life or even for those who are looking for a place to open their business. Either way, there are a number of nice locations available. Think about the part of town where you would like to settle and then go ahead and get started with looking at some of the buildings. If necessary, there are some rentals that are furnished. Some tenants prefer to take advantage of the affordable cleaning services. Visit this website today and learn more about where to begin.

Many people prefer to live in these historical buildings because they are very beautiful, they have been fully renovated, and they are located in a convenient part of town. There will be plenty of foot traffic in the area. This means there will be plenty of customers looking for your business. Of course, you will be surrounded by other tenants who are interested in a comfortable way of life as well.

These rentals are all reasonably affordable and they

The Best Way to Locate the Business-oriented Property You Wish is to Talk with the Top Organization Available

A lot of people feel that they understand real estate since they may have once bought a residence, then at a later date, marketed that residence as well as purchased yet another when their loved ones grew to be too large for the 1st house, or maybe whenever they were being moved somewhere else for their employer. The simple truth is, people quite possibly totally have some fundamental familiarity with the household real estate market place, nevertheless Minnesota commercial real estate is often a horse associated with a diverse colour. The actual concerns that are crucial to somebody when selecting a home are not automatically precisely the same once looking for the sort of property like JGM Properties commercial real estate has obtainable. When purchasing or even booking a residence, individuals typically want to know the community, the best educational facilities, how many rooms, and also the extravagance of the residence’s different appointments.

Professional real estate property clientele possess wants that are far more diversified as opposed to the normal property owner’s. Don’t assume all folks who desire commercial property desire to acquire such property. Their finances might not permit it, his or her all round business strategy may call

About Blue Ridge, Georgia Real Estate

Blue Ridge, Georgia is located in Fannin County and is less than two hours north of Atlanta and set amid thousands of acres of protected national forests. You will be surrounded in the beauty, relaxation and natural fun that are uniquely Georgia s Blue Ridge Experience. The Blue Ridge area offer pure mineral waters which made it an elite health resort. Visitors rode the train to town and dined at the Blue Ridge Hotel, and take restful walks to the mineral springs after dinner. Today, you can still ride the train and enjoy the plenty of antique and specialty shops, galleries, restaurants and more.

There are plenty of activities in this picturesque small town. Blue Ridge sits at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mountain peaks soar to over 4000 feet, and the crystal clear waters of Lake Blue Ridge will leave you breathless. Blue Ridge offers trout streams, clean mountain air, abundant wildlife and warm Southern hospitality.


Why not learn more about Sales?

Tips In Investing In A Ranch It is an essential thing that you will certainly know where you are actually putting your money such that you can make a really good investment, and that you can do so when you are going to be putting or investing your money in a ranch. It is important that you will really be seeing to it that you are really placing your money for where it is due and that is why, it is essential to point out the fact that there are a lot of things where you can place your money at and that you will greatly enjoy the fact that you will get to see when you know essential matters that you will have to take notice about. There are essential matters that you have to understand although the idea of having a farm is something that you will have to really be assured of, you need to understand that there are important issues that you have to really think carefully about. It is an essential thing that you will really know full well all the essential details about the farm that you are having

The housing bubble in these hot

Housing in the state of Texas was hotter in 2016 that it’s ever been before, but is real estate in the Lone Star state getting too hot?

According to a recent report from the Texas Association of Realtors, there were more homes sold in 2016 than in any other year in history, and those homes sold for record prices as well.

But a new report from Fitch Ratings suggests that Texas is one a few states where home prices are not only unsustainable, they’re overheating.

According to the Fitch report, home prices nationwide rose by 1% in the third quarter of 2016, for a total increase of 3% through October 2016.

Fitch notes that the current price levels in most regions are sustainable, supported by improving unemployment and inflation-adjusted income growth rates.

But there are some states and some markets where prices are rising too quickly and therefore exceed supporting economic fundamentals.

Among those overheating markets are Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Portland.

As Fitch’s report, the Dallas metro area saw prices increase by 13.4% over the last year. And based on Fitch’s calculation, that means that prices in Dallas are

Renters of Warehouse

Aiming to capitalize on the growing single-family rental market, Renters Warehouse, a property management company that specializes in managing rental houses, announced Wednesday that it is partnering with 5 Arch Funding to offer increased funding options for rental property investors.

According to information provided by Renters Warehouse, 5 Arch Funding, a private mortgage company for residential real estate investors, offers “fast and flexible” access to funding for use to buy and/or repair single-family homes to be used as rental properties.

Through the partnership, 5 Arch Funding will offer Renters Warehouse clients a “special financing rate” for investing in rental properties, the companies said.

“We are making a more concerted effort to support and inspire our current clients with the tools, resources and trusted partners to grow their portfolio,” Kevin Ortner, CEO of Renters Warehouse, said.

“5 Arch Funding provides the robust level of customer service and exceptional value that our everyday homeowners and investors have come to expect from Renters Warehouse, so naturally we felt there was a great fit here.” Ortner added. “We’re excited to offer 5 Arch Funding as one of our preferred lending partners.”

Gene Clark, the president of 5

The Housing confidence takes a turn

Americans are more confident in the housing market, reversing a five-month trend of declines in optimism, according to Fannie Mae’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index.

In January, the HPSI increased by two percentage points from the previous month to 82.7, reversing the previous five-month decline. This is up 1.2 percentage points annually. Within the index, four of the six components increased in January.

“Three months after the presidential election, measures of consumer optimism regarding personal financial prospects and the economy are at or near the highest levels we’ve seen in the nearly seven-year history of the National Housing Survey,” said Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae senior vice president and chief economist.

The net share of Americans who believe home prices will increase over the next year rose by seven percentage points to 42%, and those who reported significantly higher household income increased by five percentage points to 15%. Those who say it’s a good time to sell a home increased by two percentage points 15%.

However, those who say it’s a good time to buy a home decreased by three percentage points to 29%. Also, consumers were slightly more confident about not losing their jobs, up

Info Housing shortage and high home prices

Shortage of inventory and high home prices continue to make headlines, and the gap between what buyers want and what is available on the market continues to grow.

Home buyers are encountering difficulty in locating a home in their price range. In fact, 58.5% of Americans in the market to buy a home over the past two years said the process was either somewhat or very competitive, according to a new report from Trulia.

Trulia rated the top 10 mismatched markets to show the difficulty homebuyers face when finding a home. Market mismatch is the company’s measure of search interest versus available listings. It’s the difference between the price point where the bulk of searches occur and the average price point of listed properties. For example, if 60% of buyers are searching for starter homes but only 40% of listings are starter homes, the market mismatch score for starter homes would be 20.

The greatest deficit occurred in starter homes and trade-up homes with shortfalls of 5.7 and 5.3 percentage points respectively. In the premium price category, however, there was a surplus of 11 percentage points.

Of the largest 100 metros in the U.S.,

High-velocity in housing market in Northwest

The housing market in the Northwest continued its high-speed pace as the number of pending home sales outpaced the number of new listings, according to the latest release from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

The report, which covers 23 counties in and around Washington state, showed that the region saw 7,745 pending home sales versus 6,507 new listings.

“Properties are moving through the market at an unusually fast pace,” said John Deely, chairman of the board at Northwest MLS and the principal managing broker at Coldwell Banker Bain.

“Although we have a high number of new listings, they are moving into a pending or sold status within the typical 30-day reporting period,” Deely said. “This phenomenon causes a low active listing count.”

Active listings in the Northwest totaled 9,752 listings, a decrease of 21% from last year’s 12,357 listings. In fact, only three counties in the area, Ferry, Jefferson and Kitsap, reported improvements in the number of active listings.

But other markets hit historic lows in housing inventory. At the end of January, there was just under 1.7 months’ supply, down from last year’s 2.5 months’ supply.

“If home buyers were hoping

Information These are the top 10 suburban housing hotspots

Some of America’s top suburban hotspots are becoming more popular amid rising home prices, according to a new study from

As home buyers increasingly look outside urban areas, home prices, home sales and more competition continues to rise in the suburbs.

“Suburbs are traditionally viewed as meccas for young families, willing to trade in shorter commute times and urban nightlife for better schools and larger homes,” Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke said. “But the relationship between the suburbs and urban areas is far more intertwined.”

“In recent years, rising home prices and inventory shortages in urban centers have made affordable suburban home prices more appealing for buyers,” Smoke said. “Our analysis indicates 50% of buyers planning to purchase a home this spring indicated they preferred a home in the suburbs.”

And while the commute will be longer for these homebuyers in the suburbs, the good news is economists expect gas prices to remain low over the next two years, creating less of a strain on their budget.

“OPEC is unlikely to sustain the production cuts which it implemented in January, but we expect a combination of rising global demand and increased US shale production

Real Estate : Caroline Reaves on being a proactive partner

Executive Conversations is a HousingWire web series that profiles powerful people in the financial industry, highlighting the operations and the people that make this sector tick. In the latest installment, we sit down with Caroline Reaves, CEO of Mortgage Contracting Services, to discuss the company’s substantial growth and the importance of being proactive for clients.

Q. Mortgage Contracting Services has grown substantially since the financial crisis, especially in the last two years. What’s behind this growth?

A. For the first 20 years, MCS was primarily an inspection and preservation company, but our business has grown both organically and through acquisitions to meet client needs. We are now a nationwide provider of property preservation, property inspections, REO property maintenance, valuation services, title and closing services and vacant property security.

Regulation has been unbelievable over the last 10 years. This level of regulation requires us to be nimble and responsive, whether that’s changing processes or adding enhancements to our system. We have internal groups that do nothing but make sure we are responsive to client requests,  many of which are in response to regulation. It is a tough business but we are glad to do it —this is what makes us a valuable partner to

The Homebuilder confidence slightly declines

Builder confidence continued its steady decline in February, gradually falling back to a normal range, according to the National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo Housing Market Index.

Builder confidence in the market for newly-built single-family homes declined two points in February to a level of 65, compared to 67 at the start of the year.

“While builders remain optimistic, we are seeing the numbers settling back into a normal range,” said NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald, a homebuilder and developer from Kerrville, Texas.

“Regulatory burdens remain a major challenge to our industry, and NAHB looks forward to working with the new Congress and administration to help alleviate some of the pressures that are holding small businesses back and making homes less affordable,” he continued.

Derived from a monthly survey that NAHB has been conducting for 30 years, the index gauges builder perceptions of current single-family home sales and sales expectations for the next six months as good, fair or poor.

The survey also asks builders to rate traffic of prospective buyers as high to very high, average or low to very low. Scores for each component are then used to calculate a seasonally adjusted index where

SoftBank to take over Fortress Investment Group For Real Estate

SoftBank Group Corp. announced a definitive merger agreement to purchase real estate investment powerhouse Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash.

As a result, each Fortress Class A shareholder will receive $8.08 per share, which represents a 38.6% premium above Fortress’ closing share price Monday, and a premium of 51.2% to Fortress’s 3-month volume-weighted average price, excluding dividends.

The agreement is already unanimously approved by a special committee of Independent Directors of Fortress’s Board of Directors and Fortress’s full Board of Directors. However, the transaction is subject to approval by Fortress shareholders, certain regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. It is expected to close in the second half of 2017.

Neither of the companies are new names to industry with both heavy investors in top housing companies. Back in September 2015, SoFi announced $1 billion in Series E funding led by SoftBank, marking the largest single financing round in the fintech space to date.

Fortress’s private equity investment portfolio spans a range of companies and industries, which includes Nationstar Mortgage.

“SoftBank is an extraordinary company that has thrived under the visionary leadership of Masayoshi Son,” said Fortress Co-Chairmen Pete Briger and Wes

Now Housing starts begin year slightly lower

Housing starts slightly dipped in January, starting out the year on a lower note, according to the release from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Privately- owned housing starts decreased 2.6% month-over-month to 1.25 million in January. This is up from December’s revised estimate of 1.28 million. On a yearly basis, this is up 10.5% from the January 2016 rate of 1.13 million.

The news comes after last year posted the best year for housing starts since 2007. “For the year as a whole, housing starts of 1.17 million units were the strongest since 2007 as home builders try to keep up with rising demand,” Nationwide Chief Economist David Berson said about the December housing starts report.

Meanwhile, single-family housing starts in January came in at a rate of 823,000, which this is 1.9% above the revised December figure of 808,000.

However, Ralph McLaughlin, Trulia chief economist, said that these numbers are not statistically significant. “We can’t be sure whether the actual number of starts in January was up, down, or flat,” he said.

Instead, McLaughlin pointed to the uptick in building permits.

Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in January